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About Us

Apple IIe Workstation

In my many years as a community manager, I’ve collected a lot of varied experiences, thoughts, and insights since I stumbled into this career. My goal for this blog is to share them with you and help you unravel some of the mystery that lies within the day-to- day responsibilities of the community management role and how to best apply them to successfully manage your community. Let’s call that the overall theme. I’ll pepper in some humor to lighten things up a bit and throw in some reoccurring topics on social networking, mobile apps, tech gadgets and the sort of “Did you ever you notice…?” moments that occur in life.

To tell you the truth, I’m really excited about blogging and I’m sort of giddy as I’m about to click ‘Publish’ on this page. I’ve brainstormed on about 50+ topics I want to cover and don’t really know where to start after this one. I guess it’s not a bad problem to have? Any-who, thanks for listening and I hope you keep coming back to read about my rants. Ok, off to create a content/editorial calendar (That’s a nerdy business term. I’m a marketer after all).

P.S. You’ll notice I chose an image of an Apple IIe to incorporate into this page. That’s my blogging station on the right. I kid, I kid. That was actually my first computer where I typed up book reports and research papers during the 80’s. I thought it was appropriate as I take this step into the blog-o-sphere.