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December 11, 2014

Community Management is Far from Entry-level

by massmarotta
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One way I keep up on which companies are developing community strategies and/or building larger community teams is by monitoring community manager job postings. It’s also very interesting to read the descriptions to see the different interpretations of the role and what success metrics the candidate will be measured on.   

I’ve been disappointed and shocked recently, however, to learn that some enterprises have been listing experience as “Entry Level.”  [Take this keyword search on LinkedIn for an example.] Ww-ww-ww-what??!  

I’m sorry, but if you’re listing this position as entry-level, my immediate reaction is that you’re not taking your online community initiative seriously.  I mean, are you just checking of a box here?

☑ Hire [any] in-experienced person as Community Manager

❑ Launch online community

❑ Be successful

Like a sales job, you’ll want the candidate to have a proven track record as well as relevant work experience. Do you honestly think the person applying for this entry-level position will have conflict resolution, customer service, and project management under their belt? Not to mention experience leading cross-functional teams, member behavior, public relations, marketing and an analytics background? Most likely not.

My advice? Go after a community manager that’s already running a successful online community. Or, if you’re lucky enough to come across an unemployed community manager, scoop them up immediately! Believe me, you’ll get what you pay for. And if that’s an entry-level candidate, then expect entry-level results.