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March 7, 2011

Community Managers Wear Many Hats

by massmarotta
Hat Rack

For most companies that are just ramping up their community efforts, they run with a slim community team. In my experiences, there’s a Director who manages budget and drives overall strategy, a Community Manager that’s in the weeds, and then if you’re lucky, possibly a moderator and an analytics person. That leaves a lot of empty seats at the table if you want an ever-growing and thriving community. So a lot of responsibility is left up to the community manager to perform, forcing him to put on different hats to get the job(s) done. How many hats does a community manager wear?

  1. Sales Rep
  2. Marketing/Advertising/Promotion Manager
  3. Technical Support Agent
  4. Customer Service Rep
  5. Public Relations Manager
  6. Copy Writer
  7. Analytics Specialist
  8. Moderator
  9. Content Manager
  10. Project Manager

Did I forget a hat on the rack? Which one did I leave out? How many hats do you wear?