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April 9, 2011

Map of Online Communities

by massmarotta
Board Game Risk

This map of online communities represents the volume of daily social activity based on data gathered over the Spring and Summer of 2010.

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It’s interesting to see this all laid out in one view. I challenge Randall to create this map every year, but I think we can make some educated guesses on the state of 2011. I’ll cherry-pick some of the easy ones. With over 750 million active users, Facebook should have its own continent. Twitter and YouTube’s islands double in size. LinkedIn is breaking off from the mainland.  Social games and MMOs will form a union. Will Myspace make a comeback? Hopefully with Justin Timberlake at the helm.

For shift and comparison sake, here’s the map of online communities as it was in the Spring of 2007.

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For more infographic fun, check out The State of the Internet 2011

Who do you think deserves more real estate? Who should be wiped from the map? This feels like a giant version of the board game Risk.