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January 15, 2012

Put the Spotlight on Your Community Members

by massmarotta

A great practice every community manager should follow is to highlight members that demonstrate the kind of role model behavior that makes for a strong, thriving community.

Do a short write up of the member and place it in a highly visible area of your community. Call it “Hero of the Month” or “Member Spotlight.” Include some member profile info like their job title, place of employment, professional experience and what they enjoy doing in their free time. Add some images to spice it up. The most important pieces to include in the write-up are their community contributions. The reason this member was nominated in the first place was due to the positive contributions and behavior, correct?  Make it known. Put the most attention and care into this section. Other members will take notice and begin to follow suit.

If you have the resources to recognize members weekly (see Yelp’s weekly “Top Yelpers”), go for it. A monthly schedule may be more manageable. Promote this honor internally through Slack, Yammer and email distribution lists and externally via Twitter, Facebook and corporate e-newsletters.

You’ll begin to notice these members are so honored from being nominated, they contribute even more. They’ll even take on some of your (the community manager) responsibilities like welcoming new members, moderating content, and help out with general community questions.
Are you highlighting your community members? What do you call your spotlight program?